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2049 – An Anthology of 49 songs over 20 years

Most stories are told with words and brought to life with pictures. But some, the truly special stories, the ones with the deepest meaning and sincerest emotion, are told with music, inviting the listener on a journey that captivates the imagination and expands the mind beyond the present and the personal into a lush landscape of collective consciousness.

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I am a Texas-based composer of Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtracks with a diverse and ever-growing catalog of releases.

I am heavily influenced by artists such as Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, John Carpenter and Carbon Based Lifeforms.  Other major influences include Enya, Deep Forest, Kraftwerk, and Christopher Franke.

My albums stylistically range from Berlin-school, to film score, to ambient and chill-out. Each release is generally based on a central theme that conveys a soundtrack-type listening experience.

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“Thematically versatile with a distinctive signature sound, Keith Richie’s music is overall beautifully haunting, deeply emotive and often darkly thematic – yet never ghoulish, alienating or overtly frightening in nature” – Candice Michelle / Journeyscapes radio

“I use Keith’s music mostly while working – it provides an energy to the room. Looking forward to his next releases.” – Owen Allen

“Keith’s music hits a perfect sweet-spot with me. It can be great in the background (e.g. while working), but is interesting enough to make you really want to listen to it and think about what you are hearing. I look forward to each new release.” – Ruven Gotz

“I first heard Keith Richie’s music about three years ago and was immediately impressed! He is a gifted composer who understands and implements the art of suggesting imagery with the use of music and sound.” – Dan Chadburn

“Keith really makes some good music for listening during the work hours, or even when relaxing at home. We have actually sought him out to use some of his music for our hold music on our company phones. It’s unique and relaxing, yet does not put you to sleep. Get ready to be inspired and taken on a magical trip with Keith Richie’s music.” – George Mayfield

“Everything I have listened to, I have thoroughly enjoyed! I’m into several genres and enjoy music that you would hear on a soundtrack. I recently purchased “Pillars in Time” off of iTunes and have had it on repeat in my art studio for some inspiration flow sessions. I am eager to keep adding more albums to my collection! Follow him on Bandcamp for all of his tracks/albums.” – Amber Cunningham