I can’t believe this is my second post

Of all the things to post, I have to admit that Bil Simser threw out an interesting worm that I just had to bite.  Blog Tag.

So, here we go….5 stupid things about me you may not know and probably don’t care about.

  1. The first time I had the chance to go see Tangerine Dream in concert, I left my wife behind.  (Yes, she had a ticket and was going with me, but she was late to our point of departure….and I left her behind :)).  I was VERY young and stupid.   I’ll never do anything like that again :).
  2. Two of my all time favorite movies are Raising Arizona and Defending your Life.  Whenever I happen to see one of those movies come on, the channel stops there and I finish watching them.  Even though I own them both, and could watch them anytime.
  3. Even though I married at a really young age (18…Not because I had to…because I wanted to :)), my wife and I have been married nearly 20 years, and our marriage is getting stronger every day.
  4. I love the Bee Gees.  But I don’t disco 🙂
  5. The first “REAL” program I started to write, was this really cool idea I had, that it would download TV/Cable listings, and you could schedule recordings of your favorite shows you see…and then, it would automagically trigger your devices to record those shows (Like a VCRPlus capable VCR) and I had this wild dream that eventually, I’d make it to where you could put a capture device or something like that in your PC you see, and it would record those shows to your hard disk, and then you could watch them later on your PC.  (I had the interface, recording logic, TV listing download and parsing all worked out…but I let some shmuck from where I was getting the listings tell me that “Hey, not to burst your bubble, but there are tons of people already working on this…so you should probably just not put any effort into it….”.  I should have never listened to him.  He was probably working on the side to get Tivo off an running….

Tag, you’re it. I set forth and tag the following people that have crossed my path in the past and will now pay for it, or face the wrath of the broken tagging game:

Maurice Prather

Chris Gideon

James Blackwell

Joel Oleson

Andrew Connell

 There, I did it.  Now time to study…

 – Keith Richie

2 Replies to “I can’t believe this is my second post”

  1. Alright Keithers — eh? For the record I do remember you working on the TV software so if anyone thinks you’re lying (not me) I can vouch for you.

    Oh, and I can vouch for The Dream Line. It existed. On version 2.x as I recall. You are fortunate after leaving your wifey behind on the way to the concert that you are not on Wife v2.x.

    Take care and Happy New Year!

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