DeliverPoint Think Week 2007 – or Keith and Todd’s most Excellent Adventure!

Todd Bleeker and I met this week in Miami Florida to discuss and collaborate on DeliverPoint.

What I can say is I am SO PUMPED about making my decision to begin Life 2.0.  Also, you can read the official announcement from my new employer Barracuda Tools here.

I can’t go into detail about our plans, but I think you guys are just going to love what we’ll be working on to produce.

The week started out with him picking me up at the Airport on Sunday evening.  This was the first time he and I had actually ever met face to face.  Sure, we’d seen each others photos and chatted on the phone (Of course not through a dating service or anything like that 🙂 ), but this was the first time we had the chance to really get to know one another.   We didn’t have too much time to chat that evening but it was definately a good start.

From Monday through today, it was an amazing blur.  We shared our ideas and visions on DeliverPoint, and in the end I think we’re both extremly satisfied with our plan.  I worked as “Official Scribe” to all that we discussed, and took it upon myself to roll the entire weeks worth of discussion etc, into a living “Vision” document for the future. You guys haven’t seen ANYTHING yet.  (That reminds me, I better get busy to get his tasks converted over).

Hey, I even got an autographed copy of his book, the “Developer’s Guide To The Windows SharePoint Services V3 Platform“:

(I of course exchanged autographed copies of my CDs :):):))

Todd’s book is great!  He has the uncanny ability to just give you exactly what you need to get started on the various topics.  I love it (And I’m not just stating that because he’ll be reading this blog :):).  I have ALWAYS liked books like this.  Just give me enough to get me going.  (Now, I do love reference books too, but I can always go online and get the additional references that I need).  Go order your copy today!!

In closing, I think the year for me is going to be so much fun, and a wild ride, and expect to see some real hard core SharePoint blogging more than ever before as soon as I can get some really important tasks taken care of :)>


– Keith Richie

One Reply to “DeliverPoint Think Week 2007 – or Keith and Todd’s most Excellent Adventure!”

  1. Keith, I really hope you guys are planning to extend dead web clean up! We desparately need a better way to clean up dead webs! Also, a professionally packaged version of spsitemanager with support and on-going development would be wonderful – especially if it has a gui interface.

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