The SharePoint Utility Suite is Dead

It’s sad, but true 😦 The SharePoint Utility Suite is Dead

I just removed the 2.3 version of SPSiteManager from the CodePlex site.  The 2.5 release The SharePoint Utility Suite on the Microsoft Web Component Directory had version 2.2 of SPSiteManager, but I had started the progress of migrating the individual tools that I created from it to the CodePlex site.




It doesn’t make much sense for me to put any real effort into those tools anymore since my focus will be on developing enterprise level fully supported offerings for my new employer (See my initial posting on this).

It was definately fun while it lasted!, in fact…See this snippet that I had previously posted on my old blog:

Thanks All! – The #1 download from the SharePoint Products and Technologies Web Component Directory is now The SharePoint Utility Suite

Thanks to everyone for helping make this happen by your suggestions and requests!

Sometime over the last couple of days, the SharePoint Utility Suite moved to the top of the Top Five Downloads

Thanks John Kozell for your contribution with the .Net Protocol Handler

Thanks Larry Kuhn for your contribution with the SharePoint Portal Server Search Property config

Thanks Dan Winter for your Refresh List contribution.

Thanks to Joel Oleson for recommending it as the #1 Must Have tool set!

Thanks to Chris Gideon and Raymond Hung for their contributions to making SPSiteManager even more powerful and useful than before!!!

SPSiteManager 2.2 is already proving great value with our customers with its new features ( ), and I could not have done it without you.  The updated Analysis and remedial features are helping our customers by identifying growth and usage trends; exceptions to Capacity Planning Guidelines, and improving Search Performance via its site directory and Deep Crawl list cleanup tools.

Not only are customers finding great value out of these tools for their existing Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 deployments, but they are also

using these tools for preparation for MOSS 2007 Upgrades


My focus now, will be extending DeliverPoint with even more powerful features for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSSv3) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007).

But look on the Brighter Side!

In a couple more days or so, I’ll be posting about the differences between the SharePoint OM in respect to Permissioning and I’ll be blogging a HECK of a lot more I think as I get rolling in my new life 🙂

Stay tuned! It’s going to be a fun ride!

 – Keith

10 Replies to “The SharePoint Utility Suite is Dead”

  1. I noticed your blog is filled with articles about these supposedly fabulous tools, and the links are all dead, so I was wondering what happened — I mean, it looks pretty incompetent right now — maybe you should edit the blog, and remove all your claims about the wonderful tools — you did say you deliberately broke all the links and hid the code, so it just looks sleazy to leave up all the advertising, dontcha think?

  2. I agree with Steve. Kind of cheap keeping all the posts up, but yanking the code from CodePlex and breaking all the links.


  3. I can’t go into all the legal details, but there were issues with Support and those tools being out there. I have gotten approval to repost them, and as soon as I can, I’ll be working on it. I apologize for any inconvienience this has caused for you, but in trying to be fair to support, etc, it had to happen at that time.
    I didn’t “Break” the links and hide the code…The Web Component directory where the tools were first at, was decommissioned. I only had SPSiteManager on CodePlex, but due to support issues with Microsoft, I had to take it down. Since then, it was allowed to be reposted, but I’ve been requested to put some additional disclaimers back in the code before I do that.

  4. Can you send me a copy of the SPUserUtil, i am migrating users from a domain to another, i’ve tried to use the stsadm – migrateuser but it has some issues.
    Anyway, what is the difference between stsadm -migrateuser and SPUserUtil?

    Thanks in advance

    1. SPUserUtil makes the same exact call that stsadm -o migrate does.
      so, if it is failing for you, so would SPUserUtil. What version of SharePoint are you trying to migrate on?
      SPUserUtil is only designed for V2 (WSS 2.0/SPS 2007).

  5. I am using SharePoint 2007 SP2 with latest cumulative updates.
    Actually stsadm is not failing it is giving operation completed successfully howevere when i check the user still have the old display name when i check the site “People and Groups” page

  6. The command i am running is stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin moss\user1 -newlogin moss\user2 -ignoresidhistory.

    it completes successfully but it still appear as moss\user1 in the web application, and also in the profiles page in the shared services provider, however i can login now only with user2 and when i open the edit page od the profile properties of user1 in the central administration i see the account name set to User2.

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