Supposed to be cleaning the office, but…

Today I’m spending some time unpacking boxes, clearing out clutter, re-arranging, etc. to make my home office a bit more conducive to other things rather than just sitting at the keyboard.  Since I work from home now, I need to get things a bit more organized.

As I was cleaning up my primary desk (Ok, it’s not a desk, but a big old ceramic kitchen table that I’m using, because I needed it for my monitors, workstation, reading area, video capture devices, etc…) I ran across the following photos of my oldest daughter Kathryn.  I’ve been keeping this one around on my desk for years, move after move, cleanup after cleanup, and it’s been a bit damaged in the process.

First Gift Picture: I need to do some further cleanup and restoration on this one, but I just had to share.  Mom helped her place the sticker on the front of it and she gave it to me the first time we got her a set of pictures done.  I “Believe” these are her 2 year old pictures.

First Computer Generated Artwork: Ah, remember the noisy dot-matrix printers.  This was from my 24pin printer that I thought was the coolest thing since sliced bread.  If I remember correctly, she composed this fabulous piece of artwork on one of my first business trips back over 12 or so years ago.  Mom helped her paint this beautiful picture and had it ready for me when I flew back home.


Kathryn graduates from army Advanced Individual Training (AIT) this week, and we’ll be heading down to San Antonio for the graduation and to bring her back home with us for roughly two weeks.  After that, she’ll be heading over to Germany for 3 years. 

I thought it fitting to go ahead and share the above “Before” and following “After” pictures 🙂


Swearing In in July 2006: By one of her ROTC instructors from High School.

Basic Graduation Photos

<sigh> They grow up fast.  Ok, back to what I’m supposed to be doing…Cleaning the office 🙂

 – Keith

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