BSG: Season 3 – Episode "A Measure of Salvation"


(Originally posted on 11/11/2006 to my music business blog, moving to my personal blog)

(Excerpt from the episode synopsis on

“…deep in the heart of the Cylon fleet, D’Anna and Caprica Six have turned against Baltar. They believe that he knew about the virus all along and led them to the nebula in order to kill them. To make him confess, they torture him. Wracked with pain, Baltar flees to the comfort of the Six in his mind, who might offer his only hope for salvation.

Back on the Galactica, Lee Adama has a chilling brainstorm: if they maneuver the Galactica within close range of a Cylon resurrection ship and kill their Cylon prisoners, the infected prisoners will then download to new bodies, spreading the virus to the Cylon fleet in the process. The disease will then rage freely throughout Cylon civilization, eventually wiping out the entire race.”

Read the full synopsis here.



So I’m glad my kido was not around during this episode.  And in fact, the scifi channel did put up a view discretion disclaimer before each scene that was not for younger audiences.

What’s really cool, is my wife (Who really doesn’t like SciFi at all :):)) is keen on getting caught up on it now, because everytime she glances at it, something peaks her interest, and she’s completely lost 🙂  She’s interested in watching the series from the start now to get caught up.  In fact, when the SciFi channel did the “The Story So Far” at the kick off of Season 3, she wanted to watch it so she would know what’s going on.  I told her to just watch the series with me, from start till now, and I think she agreed….So …Super cool :).

I showed her my Christmas list last week 🙂

– Keith

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