BSG Season 3 – Episode "Rapture"

Now talk about trying to get my wife caught up on what’s going on in the BSG world now.

She glances from time to time, and asks (Speaking about Sharon) “Ok, I thought she was a cylon”

My response: “She is, but not the same one”

She states and asks: “Yeah, I got that!  I’ve caught that much, but why is she back in uniform?”

My response: “She’s regained trust”

And then, we get Rapture.  

Without spoiling it for anyone directly (FYI, you can always go to and see the synopisis which is a big spoiler if you have not seen the show)…How the heck am I going to explain it all to her now?  Well, I guess she’s just going to have to sit down and watch it all with me 🙂 Starting from the beginning! (Yeah, I’m still working on that :).  Gotta FIND the time.

But, tonights episode, “Taking a Break…” is just what I’m going to do right now.

– Keith Richie

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