My Christmas List :) BSG All the way baby!

(Originally posted 10/21/2006 on my music business blog, moving to my personal blog)

Ok, so it’s getting close to Christmas time, and usually I wind up buying my own gift, and then no one knows what to get me.  I’m always pretty surprised by what my wife gets me, but this year…I’m going to “Prevent” myself from getting these myself and turn it over to my wife.  So here’s my list :).

The New Series DVDs

The Original Series DVDs

Music CDs

Of course, I’d also love the CD’s of all the soundtrack music, but I can hold off on that :).

Thinking of hosting a Frak Party

If you visit the SciFi page regularly, you may have heard about the official Frak Party site.   I was thinking of hosting one, but well…Not sure of the “Exact” kinds of people showing up 🙂   So I think I will host a Frak Party for my friends and family, then see how it goes.

 – Keith

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