Santa apparently was watching :) BSG!

(Originally posted on 12/25/2006 to my music business blog, moving to my personal blog)

Yep, apparently Santa was definitely watching.  My Christmas present was in fact Every single classic and new BSG DVDs.  One word……Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!  Didn’t get the Music CD’s as I mentioned in my previous post, but I’m not unhappy at all, besides…I said “I can hold off on that”.

I am so pumped!!!!

I’ve actually missed a couple of episodes from this season.  Hero, and the most recent episode: Rapture.   I’ll be buying Hero from the iTunes store, and I think I still have a chance to catch Rapture on Monday night.  Otherwise, I can just wait for the replay…..but I think I’ll spend the few bucks to go ahead and download Hero at least so I can catch it.  Don’t want to miss any possible plotlines that may have been introduced in Hero.

So if Santa (ehem, my wife) is reading….Thanks so much! It was awesome….I hope you enjoyed your gift as well!


Big changes coming in my life soon.   Can’t talk about it now, but big, big, big, big.   Been doing an emmense amount of praying, discussions with my wife, etc before we made this decision.  And well, it’s been quite stressful.   It’s all good though.   Trying to really truly take a few days off from even thinking about work for a change, and spending some quality time with my family.  It’s something I don’t do that often, and something I’m learning to do :).

– Keith Richie

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