Welcome Back Mr. Prather!

Maurice just got back from a 2.5 month vacation 🙂

I couldn’t help but think of welcoming him back if I just didn’t do it in style 🙂

For those not old enough to remember Welcome Back Kotter, sorry 🙂

Welcome back

Your dreams were your ticket out.

Welcome back

To that same old place that you laughed about.

Well the IPs have all changed since you hung around,

But those dreams have remained and they’re turned around

Who’d have thought they’d lead ya (Who’d have thought they’d lead ya)

Back here where we need ya (Here where we need ya)

Yeah we tease him alot, cause his power’s always out.

Welcome back.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

Oh Oh Oh Mr. Kotter!! (I mean Mr. Prather!)

Welcome back buddy 🙂

 – Keith

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