Wow, I found some time to work on some music.

Since I started my new job, I have not had a chance to take the time and actually relax a bit, and get back to my music, and my music related activities.

Well, fortunately on Sunday (After having to rebuild my main workstation and getting all my audio/video software/hardware re-installed), I was able to take some time and work on the first draft of the latest song for the new CD I’m working on.  I spent a bit more time this evening working on it to polish it up for “Initial posting and feedback”

The track is Ouranos the Progenitor (Uranus), and the “Work in progress” CD is currently titled La famille du solénoïde


La famille du solénoïde is a musical tour through our solar system inspired by the book “The Planets” by Dava Sobel.  In a sense, it’s a sequel CD to my previous CD The Maestoso Interstellar Suite.  (Yep, for those of you paying attention and looking at those sites, I’m using SharePoint as my backend :))

Unlike the other tracks currently listed on the CDs page, I’m releasing the current draft in full. The rest of the tracks (Like all the other CD Products I have listed on my music site) are just 2 minute samples of the full tracks.  I’ve decided to release Ouranos the Progenitor (Uranus) in full at this time.  (Remember, it’s a work in progress, and will not be the final version that shows up on the CD).

That brings the list of drafts up to 8 tracks now, with one more definite track (For Neptune) to be worked up a bit more, then all the “Primary” tracks are complete as follows:

I may do a couple of tracks on the Minor planets, but I have not decided yet.  It depends on the overall length of the CD when all the drafts are nearly done.

I would be interested in your feedback of Ouranos the Progenitor (Uranus), or for any of the other sample tracks!

– Keith Richie

6 Replies to “Wow, I found some time to work on some music.”

  1. Thanks Steve! All 6 of my previous CD’s are available via iTunes and tons of other digital distributors. I actually need to refresh and update the source links for each CD.

  2. Don’t forget Pluto. Those astronomers probably got drunk at the shindig in Europe last year and made a dumb decision on Pluto. Walt Disney is turning in his grave! 🙂

  3. Thanks Colin. Ouranos the Progenitor is actually one I’m not even really satisfied with on the draft 🙂 But that’s the primary feel I’m shooting for. A mix of classical orchestral mixed with ambient electronic elements.

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