Give us your thoughts on what you would like to see in DeliverPoint 2007!

Hey SharePoint community – Barracuda Tools wants to hear from you! 

As many of you may know, Todd Bleeker – SharePoint MVP, myself and some other really cool and talented developers are in the process of creating and expanding DeliverPoint 2007 – our Enterprise Management tool for SharePoint. 

We have some very exciting plans for DeliverPoint and want to include YOUR valuable experiences and input!!!    Part of our development efforts include adding new functionality to DeliverPoint to extend what it currently offers and to empower SharePoint administrators and other key SharePoint personnel by giving them the necessary tools to simplify their enterprise. 

To help us better understand what some of the most compelling needs within SharePoint Administration are and to make sure we’re not missing any HOT functionality, we’ve created a short online survey. 

To express our gratefulness for your participation in the SharePoint Administration and Wishlist survey, we will be holding a weekly drawing to give away free copies of Todd Bleeker’s and Bill English’s newest SharePoint books! Click on the below link to take the survey.

 – Keith Richie

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