$550.00 Bucks for a pair of shoes!?!?!?!

(Update: Previously titled “$350.00 Bucks for a pair of shoes!?!?!?!

Are you stinkin’ kidding me????  I had heard it possible, but not until you actually “See it” do you believe it :).

So, as a faithful Amazon.com customer (Like I’m sure alot of you are), you may have heard about their new endevour, Endless.com where you can go shop for Womens/Mens shoes and apparell.

I get the email from them to check it out, and of course I share with my wife. 

THEN I go look at the site, and I think I’m going to be in real big trouble now 🙂

Well, if I see a charge to ENDLESS show up on my accounts, I’ll know what my wife just purchased..Possibly this pair of shoes.

Oh wait, I better go back and check and make sure that wasn’t just the price for “One” of the shoes rather than the pair!


(Update: No more than 5 minutes later after original post)

“Well, how DARE I think it could be worse…Yep, you guessed it.  This pair of shoes is on sale at $350.00, with an original price of a whopping $574.95

I don’t feel so guilty for the amount of money I spent on my last phone now….Oh wait, yes I do…I still feel I spent too much money…but then again, I’m a tight wad.

 – Keith


4 Replies to “$550.00 Bucks for a pair of shoes!?!?!?!”

  1. Funny thing is, a month or so ago, she was telling me about a pair of shoes she wanted that were roughly $250.00. I told her that I would never want to pay that much for a pair of shoes, but if she really wanted them……

    Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe “You get what you pay for”. For instance, depending on where you go, a $100.00 will get you a shoe that is form fitting, comfortable, and will last for a long time, but $100.00 bucks for a tennis shoe is outrageous IMO. The shoes linked in this post and comments….I just don’t see lasting “Me” long :). So it would be an unwise investment.

  2. Check out the shipping charge promotion at the top of the page,
    overnight shipping is NEGATIVE $5. And look at her perspective, when she wears them to a party, she is guaranteed nobody else will have those same shoes. Then ten minutes later, she will be barefoot because they hurt her feet.

  3. Well, as I see those were discounted as they want 300 bucks for them now. Well, as the solution just set she read-only access for this item (or the list) for you wife. Ah, endless story. Indeed, you can set access permissions for that site using the Internet Explorer Maintainance group policy and setting the site to be placed within the restricted zone. Or you just can setup IPsec policies.

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