Get the balance right

“Don’t turn this way, don’t turn that way, straight down the middle until next Thursday.

Push to the left, back to the right

twist and turn till you got it right.

Get the balance right, get the balance right.”


I just realized it’s been ages since I’ve posting something on my “History of Musical Influences” series of postings…but this week, I’ve been completely stuck in the 80’s.  I need to post the next part of that series, but regardless…Listening to all my favorite music form the 80’s, has made me think of where I came from, what I’ve done with my life, and where I want to take myself moving forward.  In a sense you could say this is part II of my “Found my life again” posting.

Since posting that, I’ve been trying to adjust other things in my life, and due to my own personal reflection and comments from family members, you realize one thing first and formost:  Change is hard and never ending!

I look back to Circa 1985, and go “Oh dear, what was I thinking….”, but I look back to “The summer of 85” and realize this is the time when I started “Getting it”.  I started “getting” what was going to be important for me to do.  I say that my days of “youth” ended that year.  Sure…There’s been times where I’ve fallen, did stupid things, didn’t act like an adult (And most days I’m still not acting like an adult :)), but since then, I’ve pretty much gone non-stop in my relentless persuit to “Take care of business” that I’ve failed to realize just what that business is that I need to take of. 

Listening to all my old favorite tunes, this one comes at me like a brick.

I’ve got to learn how to “Get the balance right”.

Ok, that’s enough on this…and yeah, if you’re questioning…That’s me circa 1985.  (Hey, it was the 80’s  we all dressed like that…didn’t we?)

 – Keith


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