DeliverPoint 2007 almost done and Yep, that was a bug!

Last Friday, The Barracuda Tools team including myself, Todd Bleeker and Bill English demonstrated the upcoming DeliverPoint 2007 product that will soon be in beta testing to a group of select Microsoft SharePoint Product/Program Managers and key Support personel.  I think it went very well, and it excites me that we are nearly complete on wrapping up this port of our existing product to work with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

I had the opporunity to synch up with my old friend Gabe Bratton who is the Windows SharePoint Services Supportability Program Manager and confirmed that the behavior described in my “Beware of cascading deletes in WSS/MOSS” is indeed a bug in SharePoint, and is “NOT” expected behavior or by design.  A fix is being worked on to correct this behavior, and once complete I was informed that the fix would also be sent to me to test the results with in my scenario.  Once I get it, I’ll update that posting as well with the status.

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