DeliverPoint 2007 Beta launches!

Sharing some some really exciting news – Barracuda has just announced the launch of our Beta program for DeliverPoint 2007!   DeliverPoint 2007 is an enterprise management application for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.  DeliverPoint allows SharePoint administrators to easily manage and make powerful permission changes across their farm.  Using DeliverPoint,  administrators can quickly discover and view both user and group permissions throughout the farm.  Basic reporting regarding the size and age of one’s web applications, managed paths, site collections, webs and lists is also a feature of the DeliverPoint 2007 product offering.  With all the great improvements built into MOSS 2007 and WSS v3, there are some additional complexities that have surfaced as well.  One of those additional complexities is permissions and administrating them.  I think you’ll be pleased to see how DeliverPoint 2007 addresses this complexity and in so doing, truly fulfills its promotional tagline:   Simplifying the Enterprise

For those of you interested in participating in the DeliverPoint 2007 beta, please email Bill Kuhn at  To express our gratitude for all those who participate in the DeliverPoint 2007 beta program, Barracuda will be giving beta participants who choose to purchase DeliverPoint 2007 a software assurance package worth over $4,000.  The specifics of this package and all other relevant details can be handled by contacting Bill Kuhn at the above email address. 

Take care!

 – Keith


6 Replies to “DeliverPoint 2007 Beta launches!”

  1. Interesting tool. I know Scriptlogic also issued the security explorer tool that received the support to manage sharepoint permissions. I find it more useful for that kind of work that I personally do in my company as I am also responsible for managing our servers and not only those that are ours but also the servers that are hosted on the customer’s side. As this tool also supports managing server security I found it useful to control both the file access permissions for the lan and sharepoint access permissions for collaborative work within the distributed group. That’s great that companies are expanding their support for sharepoint because I think that basic functionality implemented withing the server controls is pretty simple for me to call it usable. In case you’ll find more tools for managing security on sharepoint portals, would you be so kind to share the info with us?

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