Reviving SPSiteManager

As noted in my previous post, The SharePoint Utility Suite is Dead, my goal was to not enhance them, nor could I provide any real support for them.   There were also licensing issues that needed to be dealt with.

Since then, I have had some discussions with key Microsoft folks about re-posting some of the tools, and I am happy to say that I will be, but only for support with SPS2003/WSS2.0.  

I will need to place some additional version checking code into them, and it will include some important fixes in it before it was taken down.

I’ll be re-introducing SPSiteManager first, as that is the primary need…It’s ability to help with detecting capacity planning exceptions and repartitioning sites in V2.  It was found that these features were critical in helping customers plan for the V3 upgrades, and I am happy to have the opportunity to get it back out there for use and assistance with getting customers onto the latest and greatest SharePoint platform.

Stay tuned!


 – Keith


20 Replies to “Reviving SPSiteManager”

  1. We need the SPSUserUtil. There are a lot of blogs and forums that are asking for this software, but we could’t found it.

    Can you put a link with this software in any place????
    We know there is no support, but we need it because we are migrating a corrupted AD with a Sharepoint Portal 2003 and we can’t migrate it (250users)

    Thank you for your support.


  2. Please! Keep me on your list to notify when you get this ready. I have a 2007 implementation sitting idly by waiting for new instructions!


  3. I gotta say, I was pretty pumped to download the SharePoint Utility Suite, compile, and get cracking…

    But after experiencing several broken links and now this posting, I feel cold. And alone.

  4. Keith,

    Any news on the release date? I understand you are not being paid for your work on SPSiteManager and I don’t want to sound ungratefull, but it has been 5 weeks since you announced your plan to revive the project, and there are quite of few people in the limbo, myself included, waiting for some news. At least post an update so we can have some idea when to expect it.

    How about you re-release the version (that was on the CodePlex at one point) until you can find time to release an updated version?

  5. I can’t re-release it until I put in version checking as people were running it on V3 systems and then calling into Microsoft support because of problems. It wasn’t designed for V3 systems. Even though the documentation was sprinkled throughout with “Only for WSS 2.0/SPS2003” :).
    My apologies for the delay, but I’ve been extremely busy. I can’t give you any kind of expected date except for maybe two weeks out. I have to finish up some prior commitments first before I can address it.
    I didn’t plan on it taking this long, but well…

  6. I thank you for all your hard work on SharePoint technologies. You are a great asset to all fellow SharePoint developers. I am planning a major upgrade from V2 to V3, and from what I have heard so far, your SPSiteManager tool would be very helpful in analyzing my V2 environments. I eargerly look forward to the re-release. Please keep us posted as I could not find any where to download earlier versions.

    Shola Salako.

  7. This is great news that you are working on updating the SPSiteManager. I appreciate you developing such a needed tool. The ability to move sites across a farm is tremendous. Do keep us posted on the progress and where to download the newest versions.



  8. Hi Keith,

    I just tried SPSiteManager v2.x and did a site repartitioning. I noticed tempdb is growing as much as the site size at the end of the process. Any idea why it does?

    Thanks for a great tool!


  9. Hi Keith,

    I’m in desparate need of SPUserUtil, my site is down and I need to get at user data. I understand that there is no support, warrenties or little kittens that come with it. So, I beg you and appeal to you humanity to please forward a copy to me. Thank you for your consideration. Best regards.

  10. hey Keith,
    I understand that there is no support, warrenties but i am also as other people desparate need of that tool. can you send it to me atleast please
    you can save me. i have same feeling as JC.

    Best Regards
    umang shah

  11. Keith,
    I had done a lot of research about migrating 2003 across domains. Thought, I was doomed. Found your tool, thought I was saved. Tried to download your tool, knows I am doomed. Please, por favor, Please, put up any version of the Utility suite. Maybe you can put a paypal donation link? Anything, please, my professional career is in dire jeopardy. I know from your work that you are a generous man, and will not leave us in the dark.

    Unwavering Faith,

  12. Hi Keith

    Good to see so much anguish and plea for this wonderful utility that has been a life-saver to many support guys and developers alike. Whilst, I don’t want to pry into the reasons why this was taken down by Microsoft. It would appear to me another example of insensitivity on the part of Microsoft to the many thousands of users that have made the company what it is today.

    Let me add my penny worth and plead with you to post this utility anywhere on the Internet WITH A BIG WARNING – NOT SUPPORTED!, if Microsoft cannot have the decency to heed the cries of all these users. I think the users are sensible enough to know when they need a utility.

    God bless you.


  13. It wasn’t that Microsoft pulled down the tool, but the whole web component directory was removed, in favor of Codeplex. When I removed it from Codeplex, it was because technically I didn’t own them, but as this post says, I was given premission to repost it.
    I have not done so yet, simply because of the amount of work I’ve been under, and I wanted to have a chance to put some version checking in.

    This is a bit of a lighter week for me, so I hope to get it done this week.

    Sorry for the delay.

  14. Kieth,

    Please dont make me get down on my knees and grovel and beg… Ok, I am on my knees groveling and begging… Please please send me a copy of the tools – I sear I wont call Microsoft and ask for support – There are hundreds of us alone in the dark out here….

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