DeliverPoint 2007 Phase II in progress, Beta is Open!

As many of you know, I joined Barracuda in January of this year to work with Todd Bleeker and several other extremely talented developers to create a comprehensive, fully supported, powerful SharePoint application that would make it easier for SharePoint administrators and other key SharePoint personnel to manage accounts and permissions across their SharePoint deployment.  Now that we have completed our initial port of the DeliverPoint 2003 product to DeliverPoint 2007, I?m thrilled to say sometime around October of this year, we will be releasing our biggest iteration yet!  The iteration of DeliverPoint we?re working on now will include several key summary reports, brand-new operational functionality and an architecture that makes DeliverPoint valuable for nearly all SharePoint personnel.  The new architecture will include a security-trimmed interface that allows anybody within SharePoint to use DeliverPoint only within their authorized scope!  Now, everyone from your farm administrator, to your site collections administrators to your end users can use DeliverPoint to audit, modify and maintain their sites and accounts?only within their authorized scope in SharePoint. 

It?s been a long year with my head down coding for this project and it?s exciting to be at the point where we are ready to release our first phase and begin coding for the next phase.  I really think many of you will dig this release and find a lot of functionality and value in it. 

That being said, we are opening the doors to our beta program for the next phase starting today.  All beta participants will receive a 30% discount off the regular retail price of DeliverPoint if they choose to purchase ? our way of saying thanks for your time and effort!  Beta team membership will be limited, so please contact Bill Kuhn at if you would like to join the beta team. 

Until next time!

Keith Richie


One Reply to “DeliverPoint 2007 Phase II in progress, Beta is Open!”

  1. Hello,

    my name is jonas and i am from holland,

    i also have a question about SPS 2003, i would like to know if (and hopefully how) i can overrule the userrights from active directory to SPS.

    in the current situation users with domain user rights can acces SPS with the same rights they have from active directory, which includes altering and modifing stuff there aren’t supposed to.

    and since i am nothing but a poor student trying to make end meet i cant afford to pay 300 bucks or more for some support.

    plz help mee…..

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