Robert Picardo was Eddie Quist?????

Ok, so I’ve recorded a few classic horror movies during this month.   I’m not into gore, and try to stay away from that, but there are a few classics that I like to watch from time to time.   One of them is “The Howling”.  What I didn’t know, is that our favorite Emergency Medical Hologram from Star Trek Voyager (Robert Picardo) played the character of Eddie.   How crazy is that.


2 Replies to “Robert Picardo was Eddie Quist?????”

  1. I always thought that it was amusing that Roger Corman had a (small) cameo in it even though he wasn’t the director or one of the producers. It is a good movie though.

  2. hehhe, Yeah, it’s just weird when you watch a movie after so many years, and then realize that someone in it has done nothing like it before :).

    It was a good movie. I’d love to see more “Thriller” type horror movies than the typical ones these days. It’s like Alien and Aliens, we don’t need gore to thrill us, or perhaps Signs, another one where there was not this obsesive need to show gore, just thrill the heck out of you.

    For instance, “The zombie movies” are a big turn off for me, but 28 days was very interesting.

    I recently watched “Silent Hill”, and that is just one freaky movie :). It had a bit of gore in it, but not enought to completely turn me off. I think that’s why I’m not a big fan of the Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on elm street movies. I just don’t care to see that much :).

    I also think that’s why I’m such a big fan of the original Alien movie….You really didn’t see a WHOLE LOT, but your imagination was allowed to run wild :).

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