Work life balance and Hamlet

How’s that for a blog title?

I’ve been pretty hard and heads down on development for DeliverPoint, but I hope to start bloggin’ a bit more these days now that some things are a bit solidified.

One of the things I’ve done recently is try to get back to some of my music roots too, so that I can blog more at

Long story short, I’ve been doing some playing and researching, and connecting with some old friends to work on new music, and the style I’m shooting for is some classic Tangerine Dream but with the Guitar edge probably best expressed by Hamlet.

This is one of their songs that I can listen to over, and over, and over again…..and would love to do more music in this style.

If you have time, browse on over to this YouTube link and check out Edgar Froese jammin to Hamlet with during the early 90’s.   Great freakin stuff.


2 Replies to “Work life balance and Hamlet”

  1. Woo hooo….. “That Sharepoint Guy” is back. For a while there we thought you were lost in the Tangerine Dream space/time continuum ….. 🙂 I’ve been having “Sidetracks” days at work to help with the work/life balance thingy!

    p/s Pluto needs a little diddy on “La famille du Sloenoide”. It’s tough getting relegated to the red headed step child after so many years. For ol’ time sake?

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