Ask Phaedra

Back in the late 1980’s, a good friend of mine and I decided to team up and do a comic strip together.  He was an aspiring cartoonist, and I was just fortunate enough to be his friend with a few good ideas 🙂


The following is one of the comics he and I had syndicated at one time, called “Ask Phaedra”.  The name Phaedra means “Very Bright” or “Very Intelligent, and has it’s root sin Greek Mythology.


I thought it would be cute to do a series about a little girl (Named Phaedra of course) and her little brother.  Considering she knew the roots of her name, she believed she was the smartest kid on earth, but of course, she was just a smart-ellic :).

Any ways, here’s one in the series from November 20th, 1989.


Ask Phaedra 11-20-1989


If you would like to see more, let me know, and I’ll post more, along with a couple of the other series we had syndicated for a while.

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