Ignorance is Stupid


“You can’t manage what you can’t see. And you can’t easily see permissions in SharePoint. Until now. DeliverPoint :Permissions is the first security trimmed tool that lets you discover, understand and effectively manage permissions at every administrative level across the farm. Now that’s smart.”

So it’s technically Day 4 of the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2008 (Well if you include the Sunday evening reception), and it’s been a total blast since then.

I’m helping my company Barracuda, manage our booth and answering technical questions in regards to DeliverPoint, and it’s been GREAT to meet my old customers, Fellow SharePoint MVPs, old Microsoft Comrades, and even the guys at Microsoft I never met, who know me and use my old tools.  Truly exciting.

The turn out at the DeliverPoint booth has been astounding.  (I wonder if it’s the catchy slogan :)), and the response from those we’ve talked to and who have seen the demo is extremely positive.

If you’re at the conference this week, don’t be stupid and please stop buy and check out DeliverPoint (It’s not hard to miss…Just look for the slogan :))…And of course I’d LOVE to see ya and chat!

So now that we’ve released DeliverPoint…I plan on getting out from under my rock and blogging a heck of a lot more.  I’ve been pretty heads down till now, and that’s the one key thing I’ve heard from all my old friends, and new friends and followers.  My apologies for that, but stay tuned…I’ve got at least 100 topics written down to start blogging about in regards to the SharePoint OM, and sample code, etc.

Take care!

Keith Richie

2 Replies to “Ignorance is Stupid”

  1. Keith,
    I was looking at SPIEFolder on Codeplex, and I don’t understand how it is different that being able to use the explorer view to copy directory structures back and forth. Can you explain?
    A customer of mine is importing a lot of data into a MOSS environment.
    Michael Blumenthal

    PS, last time we emailed I was at Quilogy and you were an escalation engineer at Microsoft.

  2. Hey Michael! I remember you :).
    Yes, you can easily use Explorer View, but the purpose of this was for non client interaction….For example, from the server or an automated process.

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