SPSiteBuilder 3.0 re-released with Source

I had placed my 3.0 version of SPSiteBuilder (For WSS 3.0/MOSS 2007) on codeplex previously as it was referenced in a book by good friend and SharePoint MVP Ben Curry.  Unfortunately, I forgot to get the code up there 🙂  And the reminder for me to do it got lost in the plethora of tasks I needed to accomplish, and therefore the project was removed.  I’m happy to say, I finally took care of that today and you can now get SPSiteBuilder (with source) from http://www.codeplex.com/spsitebuilder

The purpose of the SharePoint Site Builder (SPSiteBuilder) is to assist customers with performing SharePoint Site Collection build outs for testing purposes. Primarily for load testing, etc. This sample source can be compiled to produce a tool that will allow you to easily create multiple hierarchies of site collections.

My apologies to those who followed the link before and found nothing 🙂


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