I’m such a Square, and proud of it!

Today I’m happy to announce that I have joined the great team at ShareSquared The SharePoint Solution Experts, where I’ll be working with long time friend and cohort Maurice Prather as a Senior SharePoint Architect.

The team at ShareSquared is composed of expert SharePoint architects and developers who are seasoned computer science professionals with a thorough understanding of proper software construction, design patterns and best practices.  I’m so proud to be joining this team.

I want to thank ALL my friends for their support over the past couple of months while I sought ought just who I wanted to be when I grew up :).  My new position will allow me to utilize my previous skills as well as further extend myself into areas I had only dreamed about before.

Here’s to new adventures in 2009!

– Keith

18 Replies to “I’m such a Square, and proud of it!”

    Time to celebrate with a quadruple espresso and “Gone but not forgotten” blasting!

    Ain’t nuthin’ square about you…. Classics Endure, Fads fade away…

  2. Congratulations Keith! How have you been? I was able to see Maurice while he was in Virginia last fall. Please drop me a line if you ever have a minute. Sincerely, David Mead

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