Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint Server 2007 at ShareSquared

Maurice and I have been friends for quite awhile. While at Microsoft, he and I collaborated while working through critical SharePoint customer issues, debated on bugs, discussed SharePoint tools, etc.  After both of our departures from Microsoft, we continued to keep in contact sharing ideas and thoughts about the product.   I was excited when I came on board with ShareSquared to not only be working with my friend again, but also to expand my horizons and work with a great bunch of talented folks.

Maurice has just completed the Microsoft Certified Masters training for SharePoint Server 2007 and was awarded the certification along with a small group of elite personnel. Now ShareSquared has a Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint Server 2007 in our group, and I’m extremely happy for my company and friend.

Maurice did a great write-up on his perspective of the program here, and I encourage you to give it a read if you are considering this for your future.  As well, you can check out Spence Harbar’s write-up here.

Congratulations to the newest Certified Masters for SharePoint Server 2007!

– Keith

2 Replies to “Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint Server 2007 at ShareSquared”

  1. Today I have found what I have been looking for and that is a very big day for me! Thank you for this blog and I hope you will publish me comment as this is a great site and worthy of congratulations.

  2. I am trying to utilize your sample spiefolder.exe on a machine other than the sharepoint server. What options do we have to get the necessary references fot the sharepoint.dll? We have tried GACutiling the obvious dll’s and has proven to be unsuccessful. Can you help with situation?

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