What to blog about

Since I started my new job, I’ve been struggling to find topics to discuss that have not already been discussed before. 

I’m not the kind of guy to just re-hash what someone else has said unless I can add additional value to it.  When I do that, I always start out with “First read what so and so has said about x”.  There are too many of the content thieves out there, and they really provide no real value back to the community.   They’re just going for self gratification in subscribers, etc.  I also don’t like just blasting links as I discover them just to make a blog post, unless they are significant.  Besides, if I come across a cool article these days, I just dump it on twitter.  What I’m saying, is that when I post something, I want to really provide extreme value.

What I’ve realized, is that the things I do want to blog about require too much time to sit down in one setting to post, and thus I never get them done, or take the time to finish them and thus, this blog just gets extremely stale.   Also, I’ve noticed a lot of blog postings recently on very very short samples, about things I figured a lot of people would know.   But I’ve had to take a step back and realize that not all my followers know all the gritty details.

So…From now on, I’m going to blog about just what’s on my mind, what I learned, what I might be able to share.   There may be some overlap in things that were already posted, but I’ve got to stop worrying about “It’s been said before” because I have to realize that my view/insight into the problem/solution may in fact add value not otherwise stated.

– Keith

4 Replies to “What to blog about”

  1. Keith-

    As someone who has found value in your posts in the past (and who subscribes to your feed), I do hope you find the time to post more frequently.

    SharePoint tidbits that might seem ingrained and routine to you are often things the rest of us are still struggling to learn. You never really know when you will write something that will save someone from a day of fumbling around.

    And even if the content isn’t entirely new, you might still add something of value, or may present your material in a way that resonates with the reader better than another post.

    There are some bloggers out there who simply like their voices heard and might not have genuine expertise. But I find huge value from the insights of those who truly know the technology and who have walked the path I’m trying to follow. Please keep sharing!


  2. I have the same issue and keep a list of “blog ideas” on my smart phone all the time. Sitting down to do the quiet work of condensing and organizing just seems to be put off continually. I like your approach and look forward to the new posts.

  3. I agree with Rick, and have the same issue with you and Jeff. My blog is also quite stale, but I am with you on all points, including the need to stop worrying about what others have or have not posted, and just do it. (I just saw a post about creating Features, intended for newbies!)

    Keep up the great work!

  4. The quality of your blogs is amazing. And if you want suggestions on what to blog about, then I am sure your blog followers will give you tons of it.
    Anyway to get rid of the title column in a list which is the default column , is there no way to delete that column?

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