SharePoint BI and PowerPivot

The 2009 SharePoint Conference was a total blast.  For those who were not able to attend, Microsoft also announced PowerPivot.  With PowerPivot, IT Managers can empower business users to create and share Excel 2010 workbook applications through SharePoint 2010.

Rob Collie, one of the founding engineers behind PowerPivot has started a blog here and has announced the "Great Football Project” as a non-demoware PowerPivot solution, from start to finish where he’ll be taking a hardcore BI project from his past and re-implement it using PowerPivot.

I myself will be diving deep into PowerPivot over the next few weeks, and will detail all I can as the weeks progress.

Until then, be sure to visit the following links to get an overview of PowerPivot and Rob Collie


– Keith

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