Sardine Sandwich

Ok, so I can’t even remember exactly how it started, but here is what I remember.

I’ve been trying to change some long time habits, and adjust my lifestyle a bit which are:

  1. Eat more than one meal a day Smile.  I was literally only eating Dinner, and very late at that.
  2. Eat at home more, and stop the fast food shuffle.

The reasons should be pretty obvious, 1 to realign my metabolism to aid in weight loss (i.e. not eating that one meal a day, late in the evening Smile) and two, just to stop spending so much darn money eating out.

Long story short, I decided to start taking a photo of things I was preparing myself and posting the pictures on facebook to basically make other people hungry and to annoy (in a completely loving way) a friend of mine.  This led to this friend saying the other day something to the effect of “OMG, I wish you would stop, I mean you’d take a picture of a Sardine Sandwich and post it knowing you”. 

She said this, thinking this was the most far off thing and that I would not just have the ingredients laying around the house.

Well, let’s just say 3 minutes later after that statement I posted the following picture Smile.

DSC03011 - Copy

And no, I didn’t eat it.  But it was a fun joke Smile

– Keith

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