Feelin’ the Wave

Wasn’t going to formally announce this on my blog at first, but yes I have recently joined Eric Shupps and the Binarywave team as a Senior SharePoint Programmer/Analyst.  Eric and I go back pretty far (not sure exactly how far, but that’s irrelevant), and I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with him and the rest of the team moving forward.  This was really an opportunity I could not pass up.

I’m already diving in on my first SharePoint 2010 project with the company, and I strongly feel the work I will be doing will provide me more opportunity to share insights into SharePoint 2010 development that I hope you’ll find useful.

Oh, and for the record… If Eric forces me to wear a Cowboy hat, he’ll have to wear a Kilt in return.

Just sayin’ Smile

– Keith

2 Replies to “Feelin’ the Wave”

  1. Then it’s a good thing I already have a kilt isn’t it? And yes, I always wear my hat with it!

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