Bráthair! Chi mi dh’aithghearr sibh!

Am màireach is going to be a deagh latha!

It’s the first time this year my good friend, my Bráthair at heart, Jon and I are going to be at Scarborough together.



When he and I get together out there, it’s ALWAYS a good time Smile.

Jon and his wife welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world last year, so naturally it’s not as easy as it was to just “Hook up” out there any time we wanted.  But everything is squared away for tomorrow, and I don’t know who in our group is more excited than the other.  We’re all pumped!  Tha mi sona!

Oh and I’m sure there will be more than enough embarrassing pictures Smile.  We’ll just have to decide which ones make it out into the public Smile.

Chi mi a-rithist sibh!

– Keith

[Update] – 05-11-2011

Figured I would share a few pictures of the event with my Bráthair:


It was a blast Smile


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