Celebrating the Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.

Most people have New Years Resolutions, but not really me. 

Instead, each year on this day, is when I take a moment and plan my goals for the next year ahead of me.

This particular year, I get to celebrate the Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.

Every year (primarily on this day) but also on Christmas, I hop into my car; take a long drive; pass through the neighborhood I grew up in; and listen to one of the most inspirational (in my opinion of course) music releases in my collection.   When I’m finished with that one, I immediately plug in the second most inspirational one (And always end with this very special track).

It’s something I’ve done now for nearly 30 years.

So I got up early this morning, to try to get most of my work for the day done.  Clearing my “todo” list so that I can head out with a clear mind; to drive; to meditate; to reflect; to look at where I’ve been; and to look forward to what the future has in store for me.

Generally during my ritual drive, I think of many of the bad things that have happened, and the many mistakes I’ve made throughout life.  Those bring me down a bit.  But I put a concentrated effort to focus on ALL of the MANY positive things that have occurred.

As I sit here writing this, I’m waiting on my youngest child to get dressed to take her off to daycare for the day, and then head out for my “trip” down memory lane.  And I’m reminded by the ultimate positive thing in my life.  The fact that I have two very wonderful daughters in my life.  And many, many more.

Do YOU have a ritual you perform every year? I’m curious to know.

– Keith


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