Music Works In Progress

Over the last two years or so, I’ve been slowly working on new music.  I mean it’s been literally over 4 years since I released La Famille Du Solénoïde, and that took a good year and a half to wrap up.

I’m struggling to stay with a consistent theme for this one, and I don’t want it to be another Sidetracks release with stuff that just didn’t fit into any one thing.

I have, however, released a couple of singles I felt were ready for prime time, and those were:

Both of the above tunes, just kinda fell into place.

But the others, I’m just not ready to call them done.

One in particular is Sea Dragon.  It’s nearly two years old itself, but I’m just not done with it.

I do plan on getting back in the home studio this weekend and trying to wrap up the following three tunes:

I’d like to get them to a state where I can release them as singles this weekend.  They may change slightly before the full release of the CD, but at least they’ll be at a point where I’d like to call them the “Official” initial versions.

And lastly, one that has potential, but I’m just not sure where to take it

Over the Horizon is turning into more of a long set with at least 2-3 segments.  Starting off mostly ambient, but turning into something a bit more classic Berlin School.  If I finish this monstrosity, it will probably be the CD’s center track.

I’d love to hear your feedback on the current versions of these songs if you have the time. Simply click their links and give them a listen!  These links won’t remain active forever.  So if you’re reading this post 6 months from now, don’t complain that the links are broken.

Keep in mind, I’m not done with them, and know of plenty of spots that need to be “corrected”/reworked/etc., but please make your critique anyways Smile.  Especially Over The Horizon.  It tends to drag on the last 7 minutes, but that’s where I’m stuck with it. Smile

Thanks a million!

– Keith

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