6 more days till Halloween, here’s some cool tunes!

6 more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! 6 more days till Halloween, here’s some cool tunes!

From now through Halloween October 31st, 2014 you can download your high quality copy of “March of the Inanimate” for only $3.10 direct from CDBaby!

March of the Inanimate Cover Official

March of the Inanimate is a bit of a homage to the classic horror movie soundtracks produced by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth who co-wrote the music to classics such as Halloween, the Fog, and numerous others.

The classic themes from those movies is what initially inspired me to get into electronic soundtrack music, and creating soundtrack music is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Even though this set of music isn’t tied to any film, it does tell a unique story in it’s own right.

I hope you enjoy it well enough to include in your collection.

Click this link to buy your copy today!

Want to hear the entire release in full before you purchase? Just head on over to SoundCloud and check it out!

Click this link to listen to March of the Inanimate on SoundCloud!

And don’t forget about the big giveaway! Be sure to gather around kids in front of your TV sets on Halloween!

WARNING: Video may induce seizures. Watch at your own risk. We also can’t be held responsible if your head suddenly becomes a big flesh bag of snakes, scorpions, cockroaches and centipedes.


– Keith

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