Ambient Highways: Volume 1 – Issue 2

Ambient Highways: Volume 1 – Issue 2


What’s new!

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve released Ambient Highways, and I’ve been busy during my free time promoting the release on Facebook, my music site, and submitting it to as many music review sites as I can.

I also created an Album Art video playlist on YouTube.  That playlist even has a Vangelis/Blade Runner tribute version of the song “V Feeling”, which was a major inspiration for the song itself.  Be sure to check it out!

As an independent artist, it takes an enormous amount of personal time and dedication to get the word out when you have something new and can be very tedious, but also very rewarding. 

Every time I release something new, I always try to look at how I can improve my process; engage existing fans and find new fans; and share my love of this craft through hopefully music that you find entertaining and enjoyable.

I’m diligently trying to find new ways to get my music out there into the world to be heard. What I truly need now, are reviews from existing fans to share with potentially new fans.

With that said, have you had the chance to listen to Ambient Highways?  What are your thoughts and would you like to hear more releases like this?

If you have heard it, would you care to write a review of it?  I’d love nothing more than to have some reviews either positive OR negative to share.

Use whatever service you want to provide your review.  If you use Amazon for music, place your review here! Use iTunes? Place your review here!  The list of digital distribution sites are at the bottom of this post that you can use to decide where.

Don’t want to write a review? That’s ok, but if you like the music, how about sharing either a link to my Facebook music profile; my official music site; or a link to any of the digital distribution/streaming sites from the list at the bottom of this post!

Or, just simply share this post!.

I saw a great image quote this morning that pretty much sums up what you can do to help.

“If you like an artist, author, or musician, but you can’t afford to buy the art that they make, share your love of their work with other people.
Let every one know about the work that you love and who made it.
Tell people why they should be reading it, listening to it, or looking at it.
It really does make a difference.
You have the power to help art and artists thrive.”

You can see the original image quote here.

What’s next!

I hope to start working on some new music next weekend.  Some of that will include

  • New Synthpop styled tracks that didn’t fit into the theme of Ambient Highways.  This would fall in line to the type of work I did on “For the Willow Wept…”.
  • Possibly another Halloween Themed/Dark Ambient style album I would like to have done and released again by October of this year.  I really enjoyed creating “March of the Inanimate”, and would like to do another follow up to it.
  • Starting work on a 10 year anniversary edition of “The Maestoso Interstellar Suite”.


Thank you for taking the time to read this call to action!  I hope you are enjoying Ambient Highways as much as I have in creating it.

If you have received this newsletter from a friend, or read it on my blog be sure to sign up for the email based newsletter by visiting my official music site at

I’m just Keeping the Dream alive!

– Keith Richie

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