Ambient Highways: Volume 1–Issue 3

Ambient Highways: Volume 1 – Issue 3

What’s new!

It’s Labor Day, but I’ve remained hard at work promoting Ambient Highways as well as spending a bit of time working on some new music.  I’ll have more to share on that in the next newsletter, but I wanted to take a moment and share with you some great reviews of Ambient Highways!

So, without further ado, here are the reviews!

Ambient Highways Album Review by Robbie Tee on Jamsphere

"The music creates a highly ‘visual’ and hypnotic experience achieving an inner clarity of thought processes transporting the listener to a level of serene contemplation. These songs use a soothing and subtle harmonic texturing of sounds in the intention of establishing a central mood carefully enriched through delicate rises in tone, with perfectly sequenced breakdowns. Cases in point – V Feeling and Dew From The Mourning Star.

All which lead me to believe that Keith Richie’s final artistic destination should be film soundtracks. It is quite remarkable how through his arrangements and thoughtful application of the constructive elements of each track, he is able to flesh out one single idea, turning it into an astonishing experience of exploration and discovery, on so many levels. The stuff blockbuster movies are made of!" – Robbie Tee

Click here to read the full review:

Ambient Highways Album Review on One World Music Radio

"This is one of the most amazing ambient albums I have had the pleasure to listen to for some time and it part took me back many years to my first taste of the genre with the likes of Vangelis and Jarre.

Here Richie doesn’t only do himself proud; he excels in a sumptuous delight of some of the finest electronic music since those times. …" – Steve Sheppard

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Or here:

In fact, you can “Listen" to the review from One World Music on their recurring program "The Album Show" here:

Ambient Highways Album Review on Sleeping Bag Studios!

"…the overall result of the songs and the layout of Ambient Highways has resulted in a very relaxing and thoroughly excellent experience. Each song building on the last progressively throughout the album as it plays, the music continually finds itself to a wide-array of energies and emotions and never loses the listener by becoming ‘over-ambient.’ Through a massive presence & subtle-personality to each of these creations, Ambient Highways retains a charming & captivating magic all the way through. Entirely enjoyable." – Jer@SBS

Click here to read the full review!

Ambient Highways Review from Sean McDonough on Amazon!

"Ambient Highways pushes my "this is awesome" button each time I listen"

"This release gets regular playtime in my listening schedule right now, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon." – Sean McDonough

Read the full review here!

And finally, one more review but not on Ambient Highways.  With the Halloween season approaching, I’m not forgetting my previous release “March of the Inanimate”.  This one comes from Sleeping Bag Studios once again.

March of the Inanimate Review on Sleeping Bag Studios!

“Slowly building, this opus-magnum incorporates some very haunting piano-melody and an increased intensity in the dark-electro, pulsing rhythms. Again…considering the subject matter he’s based this music on – this fits right in there, right into the gritty underworld of horror-movie-mania; “March Of The Inanimate” is musically-menacing to say the very least. One of the longer tunes and justifiably so – “March Of The Inanimate” is certainly captivating, completely engaging and 100% worthy of its titular status.” – Jer@SBS

Click here to read the full review!

I hope you enjoy reading the reviews, and if so please leave me your comments!

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I’m just Keeping the Dream Alive!

– Keith Richie

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