Ambient Highways: Volume 1–Issue 7

Ambient Highways: Volume 1–Issue 7


What’s New

November Holiday Special!

Here in the U.S. we’re all preparing for Thanksgiving.  That means lots of food, and time with our friends and family to give Thanks for all that we have.  And of course this also includes Thanksgiving day parades, football and “Food Comas!”, followed by the inevitable Black Friday sales.  (I for one will just be keeping my self safe and sound at home).

With the holiday season kicking off into full gear, I’d like to offer to you, for a limited time, the option to grab a copy of each of my albums for only $3.00 each

You can take advantage of this special pricing on my albums  if purchased directly from CD Baby or Bandcamp!  That equates to only $15.00 for my entire discography!

Speaking of my entire discography, I’m also offering a %15 percent discount on it as an option on Bandcamp!

This includes of course, my award winning album Ambient Highways; March of the Inanimate; For the Willow Wept…; La famille du solénoïde; and The Maestoso Interstellar Suite!

If you have not purchased any of my music before, this is a great opportunity to get it at a very special low price.

New Music

Skylines – New album in progress!

Beijing Skyline

I’ve been listening to a lot of synthwave / retrowave music lately, and I’m sure this had an effect on me while composing recently.   I decided to revive another discontinued track I had titled “Lost in Beijing” from many years ago which originally was just a simple song.  During rework on it, before I knew it it kind of morphed into something that I could only describe as having that synthwave sound to it.  And, I think it came out pretty darn cool.

For the song picture, I found yet another night time city skyline for Beijing, and used that for the songs image on Soundcloud, and before I knew it, I had decided to do a whole album of synthwave music in which many of the songs would be interpretations based on night based city skylines.  And so, there you have it! The idea of Skylines was born.

You can listen to the current draft version of Lost in Beijing on Soundcloud by clicking here.

And, if you are a subscriber to me on Bandcamp, you can download your very own copy of the latest draft of Lost in Beijing!

Skylines is still the “Tentative” title however.  That may change as the album progresses, but I like the idea and it gives me direction.



Give Lost in Beijing a listen, and if you are a subscriber via Bandcamp grab your copy today then hop in your Knight Industries Two Thousand Trans Am and give it some plays!


I’ll be spending more time over my holiday weekend working on new music so be sure to keep checking back!

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, and if so please leave me your comments!

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I’m just Keeping the Dream Alive!

– Keith Richie

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