Smoking Land – A Noir Short Film

Smoking Room Axel

Smoking Land – A Noir Short Film

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Axel Henneberg, a film student attending Prague Film School. He had seen a post in one of the many Facebook groups where I promote my music.  In particular it was the Blade Runner Reality group where I had posted a link to my song “V Feeling” from my award winning album “Ambient Highways”

Axel was working on a Noir styled project and wanted to utilize some of my music within the film.  I was more than happy (and honored) to oblige and we worked out an agreement so that he could utilize both “V Feeling” and “Xenogenesis” within his project.

I am happy to announce that Mr. Henneberg has completed his film, and has made it available for everyone to see.  I’m very thankful Axel considered and utilized my music for his film. I think it fits in very nice to the work he has produced.

Please take a moment to watch “Smoking Land – Noir Short Film” via YouTube below, and then be sure to leave a comment for Axel on your thoughts on the film!

Want to own the soundtrack for Smoking Land? If you purchase “Ambient Highways” from Bandcamp, you can use the discount code “smokingland” at check out and receive 25% off of your purchase!  Click here to purchase the soundtrack via Bandcamp.

Congrats Axel on completing your film!

– Keith Richie


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