Ambient Highways: Volume 2 – Issue 3

Ambient Highways: Volume 2 – Issue 3

The Ambient Highways newsletter serves as a roll up of all the recent music related activity from me. The newsletter is also sent to fans on my mailing list. You can join now by clicking here!

What’s New

It was an incredible week for me. There were a ton of things that culminated through the week, so you may have seen an enormous amount of activity from me. Here’s everything new going on you may have missed!

Skylines Released!

Skylines Announcedment Featured Image

I am extremely pleased to announce that my new album Skylines is released!

Skylines is a captivating audio experience featuring musical interpretations of major city skylines from across the globe.

The album contains 9 tracks of exciting electronic rock, synthwave and dark synthpop music! Musical visions of Seattle, New York, Beijing China and more are featured that will capture the listening ear from start to finish.

Read more about Skylines here!

Smoking Land

Smoking Room Still


Select songs from my award winning album “Ambient Highways” were selected for use in a short film titled “Smoking Land” by Axel Henneberg, a film student attending Prague Film School.

Read more about Smoking Land here, and watch the short film below!

New quoted videos from The Planets by Dava Sobel

TFOS - Dava Sobel Quoted Featured Image

When I composed the album La famille du solénoïde, I was heavily inspired by the book “The Planets” by author Dava Sobel. I had some exchanges with Ms. Sobel, and she graciously gave me permission to utilize quotes from the book in all new videos for each of the songs from La famille du solénoïde.

Read more about the first video released “Giver of Life (Sol)” here, and watch it below!

More new La famille du solénoïde videos will follow soon with “Thief in the Night (Mercury)”  next up on the production line.

Behind the Music

I started a “Behind the Music” series where I take the reader (you) through an audio tour of a specific album I have released.  I detail the thoughts and feelings I had as I composed the album, on a track by track basis.  I include the track in each section so you can listen along as you read about the songs story.

Be sure to check out the first two articles in this series by clicking the appropriate links below.

More Behind the Music postings will happen in the future! Stay tuned!

Website/Mailing list updates

I am in the process of transitioning off of my current website host for numerous reasons.

  1. Their platform is very antiquated and does not support any true modern features.
  2. Their platform is HORRIBLY slow, and I’m sure I lost potential fans in that fact alone.
  3. I could go on with a list of problems….

With that said, the old host name of will remain active for a short time giving everyone to update their bookmarks if they need so, but you’ll notice the homepage simply redirects the user to my now official hostname of .  You’ll notice the look and feel of is far superior to what I had before, and I hope you are pleased with the results.

So if you haven’t updated your bookmarks do so now!

With the move away from my current hosting provider, I’m also moving my mailing list services from them as well.  I have already migrated the previous subscribers to the new list, if you were a subscriber, be sure to check your email for an email from FanBridge so that you can confirm your membership to continue receiving updates!  Also check your junk mail folder just in case it slipped by!

What’s Next

Here’s a list of things I’m working on next and what’s in store for the future!

10 Year Anniversary edition of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite

Now that Skylines is completed, it’s quickly approaching the 10 year anniversary of one of my first albums anniversary The Maestoso Interstellar Suite.

I’ve certainly refined my craft and skills over the last 10 years, so I plan on releasing a 10 year anniversary edition of this album.  Here is a list of things I hope to accomplish with this 10 year anniversary.

  • Completely re mastered and available in 24bit versions where available and supported
  • Clean up of some of the elements and composure to the album.  I.e. things that make me cringe when I hear them. :).
  • Extended!  Yes, I’ll be adding more parts and movements to the suite!

After completing the 10 year anniversary edition of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite, it will be time for some hardware and software upgrades before I begin work on some amazing ideas I have planned for the future.

Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss an update as this album progresses and for future updates!

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter, and if so please leave me your comments!

If you have received this newsletter from a friend, or read it on my blog be sure to sign up for the email based newsletter by visiting my official music site at and click the “Stay Informed” link!

I’m just Keeping the Dream Alive!

– Keith Richie

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