Happy Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day!

Ahhh Valentines day.  The day filled with chocolates, roses, jewelry, and mad craziness at the florist shops or stores where many people have waited till the last minute to get their loved one that special gift.

It’s a day that for some, is resented with hatred.  For some, it’s a celebration of the love and respect they have with their partner.  For some, it’s also a time for remembering those they once loved and have lost.

Valentines day was also my mothers birthday.

We don’t celebrate my mothers birthday like we once did, because she left us in late 2013. However, I like to go visit her grave every time this year and on the day of her passing to wish her a happy birthday and Valentines day.

My mother and I would generally go out for a steak dinner on her birthday.  We would also share a few salty dogs together 🙂  And sometimes, have way too many salty dogs :).

I miss my mother, and visiting her grave site takes a toll on me, but I’m VERY fortunate to have someone in my life I can come back to and celebrate Valentines with.

And yes, I got her chocolates, roses and a big fluffy bear.  I got them yesterday which was almost last minute 🙂

So, Happy Valentines Day everyone!  If you celebrate it, give that special one a huge hug and tell them you love them.

– Keith

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