The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Well, now that Skylines is complete I’m moving on to my next project.

And that project, is a 10 Year Anniversary Extended Edition of my album The Maestoso Interstellar Suite.

This album will not just be a re-mastered, re-release of the same material. In fact, this will be a revised, re-mastered AND Extended album celebrating the 10 year anniversary of one of my most popular albums.

I’ve certainly learned a lot over the last 10 years as a musician, and I want to take that knowledge and make this 10 year anniversary edition something special.

The album will be revised to clean up some elements that are a bit sloppy in my opinion, and it will be professionally mastered.

Additionally, I plan on extending the album to a two disc set.  That’s right, additional parts and movements will be added to it to create a near 2 hour space music epic!

I also plan on releasing a “Behind the scenes” series of video postings as I work on this album.

This will certainly be my most ambitious project to date, and I can’t wait to start working on it with passion and sharing with you as the album progresses.

Check out the announcement video below!  It includes SOME of the enhancements I’m working on for the album!

Oh, and one last thing.  As I’m working on the album, I’ll be doing a “Behind the Music”  / “Making of…” video series where you’ll get to watch, listen, and commentate as I produce this album!  So be sure be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel at so you don’t miss a thing!  The direct playlist that will contain the series is available by clicking this link.

And here are the direct links to each posting and video in the series (Updated as they are generated)

I have also initiated a Kickstarter campaign to help escalate the project. If you have the time, I would encourage you to visit the campaign page and read more about what I hope to achieve.


– Keith Richie

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