Carbon Based Lifeforms – ALT:01

Anyone else had the chance to listen to the new album ALT:01 by Carbon Based Lifeforms?

It’s a collection of live recordings; remasters of previously released material, and a few other nice things.

I was REALLY looking forward to the Vocal version of RCA(+).  RCA(+) and a couple of other tracks from their Refuge soundtrack are my personal favorites.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I like the vocal version too much.  It’s a nice addition to the collection, but I prefer the original myself.

Be sure to check it out below and listen for yourself!


One Reply to “Carbon Based Lifeforms – ALT:01”

  1. I think it is still cool to get a new carbon based lifeforms cd anyways! This kind of music is so perfect to focus.
    I agree with you though, the vocal doesn’t add much I think

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