General Relativity – Single Released

Announcing the release of the official single for The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10 Year Anniversary, General Relativity!

General Relativity is a sneak peak into the new music that will be on the full album when it is released. This particular track will be Movement X on the album when released.

For a very limited time, this track will be marked as “name your price”, a.k.a. “FREE!” directly from Bandcamp.  Give it a listen below and let me know your thoughts!

I hope this track “pulls you in” to supporting the release of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10 Year Anniversary Edition (TMIS10YRAE for short), as this album is a labor of love for me.

TMIS10YRAE is not just a re-master and re-release of the same album from years ago, but will be a brand new experience for listeners. The original material was cleaned up, enhanced, and re-mastered as well as extended onto a second disc of completely new material.

A two-hour space music epic to ease the mind and calm the spirit. A new prelude begins the experience and eases you into the parts and movements on a musical tour through interstellar space.

I hope you enjoy this teaser song for what will appear on the album.

I have completed the initial compilation of all the new material for release, and I could use your help to launch this space music epic! As I have mentioned before, I launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help with getting this release out the door at the time around the exact 10 year mark.

The full disc and track list is as follows:

Disc I

  • Prelude
  • Part I – Movement I (Event Horizon)
  • Part I – Movement II (Naked Singularity)
  • Intermission I
  • Part II – Movement III (Inertial Frame of Reference)
  • Part II – Movement IV (Redshift)
  • Part II – Movement V (Time Dilation)
  • Part II – Movement VI (Causality)

Disc II

  • Part III – Movement VII (Cryosleep)
  • Part III – Movement VIII (Dark Matter)
  • Part III – Movement IX (Gravity Waves)
  • Intermission II
  • Part IV – Movement X (General Relativity)
  • Part IV – Movement XI (Escape Velocity)
  • Part IV – Movement XII (Aphelion)
  • Postlude

I hope you enjoyed this teaser of what’s in store for the album release. Please consider backing the campaign if your are inclined to do so.

If you have already shown your support by backing the project. Thank you so much!!

Here is the Kickstarter intro video to the project if you are curious.



Thanks in advance!

Keith Richie

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