Ambient Highways: Volume 2 – Issue 5

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What’s New

I released the digital version of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10 Year Anniversary Edition and its sister album Singularities – Music from The Maestoso Interstellar Suite.

This album is a labor of love for me. This album is not just a re-master and re-release of the same album from years ago, but is a brand new experience for listeners. The original material was cleaned up, enhanced, and re-mastered as well as extended onto a second disc of completely new material. A two-hour space music epic consisting of 4 parts to ease the mind and calm the spirit. A new prelude begins the experience and eases you into the parts and movements on a musical tour through interstellar space.

This album is actually delivered in two different formats. The first of which is The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10 Year Anniversary Edition which is delivered in its intended listening format containing four parts with various movements bridging the music together.

The second format, is Singularities – Music from The Maestoso Interstellar Suite. Singularities contains the individual movements from the various parts of The Maestoso Interstellar Suite as individual songs with unique starts and endings.  Whereas The Maestoso Interstellar Suite presents the music as individual movements bridged together into four individual parts, those individual movements were extracted for shuffle play and broadcasting in the form of the Singularities release.

A couple of reviews for the albums were made and you can read about theme here:

  • The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10YRAE on One World Music Radio : “Richie has bared his musical soul to the world here, his longing to manifest something imposing, almost regal and defiantly impressive, he has created a luxurious work of art that is utterly striking and extremely ambitious, but this extensive all-encompassing opus must now surely give Keith Richie, the title of Master of the Grand Soundscape. How can I not recommend this distinguished album to you, go buy it now and enjoy your journey too. “
  • The Maestoso Interstellar Suite on Sequences Electronic Magazine podcast #88: “Special mention must go to Keith Richie’s monumental release of the Maestoso Interstellar Suite, a truly work of art in this field.”

Of course lets not forget that I also released the album Skylines back in February.

Skylines is a captivating audio experience featuring musical interpretations of major city skylines from across the globe..

The album contains 9 tracks of exciting electronic rock, synthwave and dark synthpop music! Musical visions of Seattle, New York, Beijing China and more are featured that will capture the listening ear from start to finish.


What’s Next

Here’s a list of things I’m working on next and what’s in store for the future!


I’ll be focused on promoting both The Maestoso Interstellar Suite 10YRAE/Singularities and of course Skylines over the course of the next several months.

I’ve conceptualized my next album, and have  begun to dabble in some of the themes the album will consist of.  Stay tuned for more information on that!

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter, and if so please leave me your comments!

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I’m just Keeping the Dream Alive!

– Keith Richie

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