Ambient Highways wins award for Best Electronic Music Album of the Year!

Ambient Highways wins award for Best Electronic Music Album of 2015!

Yesterday, the folks at One World Music Radio held their 3rd annual awards show, and my album Ambient Highways won in the Best Electronic Music Album category!

OWMR 2015 Best Electronic Music Album - Keith Richie - Ambient Highways

I am honored to have received this award for Ambient Highways.  I am also honored to have been nominated with so many other wonderful artists.

Ambient Highways was just one of those albums that felt so right while I was working on it. Starting with Neutrino and its particle like sequences that rise and fall through out the track and then being thrown immediately into a 1940’s noir like state with V Feeling (a homage to the classic Greek composer Vangelis), you won’t feel as if this album is repetitive at all.

The albums title song Ambient Highways comprises lush pads and a soft melody surrounding the listener in a blanket of symphonic electronica.

Additional songs on this release range from a melancholy like feeling to an exuberant state in their overall composition, yet pulls the listener through theses emotions with the albums crescendoing track Keeping The Dream Alive.

Here are a few things that have been stated about Ambient Highways

Discount for Ambient Highways

In honor of this of this award, I’m offering a 25% discount off purchase of Ambient Highways lasting until July 4th, 2016 if you purchase it via Bandcamp.

Just enter “owmrawardwinner” (without the quotes) at checkout for the discount.

Once again, thanks to the OWMR Team and all the listeners!

I’m just Keeping the Dream Alive!

Keith Richie


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