Away I hide in my room alone, praying Stichs will never find me.

p“Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.
Away I hide in my room alone, praying Stichs will never find me.”

Guess who crept their way into the digital resellers today when you were not looking?

I’m happy to announce that my album Mister Stichs and March of the Inanimate: Repossessed are now available from the digital distribution services such as iTunes, Amazon Music, Groove, Spotify and Google Play!

Mister Stichs – A sophisticated and unrelenting journey into darkness.

An Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtrack by Keith Richie

Mister Stichs Official Cover

“When a family moves from their home in Downey, California to a rustic country house in Texas, they begin to feel an ominous presence pervading through the house and lands surrounding it.
After coming in contact with the darkness first hand, the family is thrust into a crucible of madness that sends them into a spiral of terror and threatens to tear them apart.
Can they thwart the unspeakable evil of their stalker? Or will the vengeance of Mister Stichs leave them splintered, and clawing for sanity?”
Read more about Mister Stichs here!


Order the Mister Stichs Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtrack Now from the following locations!

Read the review of Mister Stichs by Candice Michelle of Journeyscapes Radio!
“Not only is ‘Mister Stichs’ impressively reminiscent of a John Carpenter film score, the album also greatly reminds me of Tangerine Dream (whom Keith is likewise admirable of). He makes fantastic use of modern and vintage synthesizers, along with riveting and realistic-seeming surround-sound effects that boasts continually alternating intervals of serenity and suspense. Proving once again that Keith Richie easily ranks among today’s best electronic music composers, ‘Mister Stichs’ is not to be missed, especially, by fans of both John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream!”  ~Candice Michelle

March of the Inanimate – Repossessed
An Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtrack by Keith Richie

March of the Inanimate - Repossessed Cover

“A man possessed by the desire to live searches an abandoned home for a lost treasure that could hold the key to the mystery of mastering death. However, when he finally finds what he is looking for, he uncovers a power far more sinister than he could have ever imagined.
As he tries to escape the entities that have come to devour his greed-laden soul, he finds himself unable to bear the weight of his own corrupted consciousness.
Can he find a way to shrug the burden of his sins? Or will he be destroyed by the creatures that march upon him with unseeing eyes?”
March of the Inanimate – Repossessed is the 2016 re-mastered and extended edition of the 2014 album March of the Inanimate. It pays homage to the classic horror movie soundtracks produced by John Carpenter and Alan Howarth who co-wrote the music to classics such as Halloween, the Fog, and numerous others.
This 2016 version includes 3 additional tracks crafted within re-mastered versions of the original audio story to enhance the listening experience.
I hope you enjoy the music!
 – Keith Richie


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