Ambient Highways: Volume 3 – Issue 1

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What’s New

It’s been a while since I’ve posted for the official newsletter, so I thought I would take a few moments and update you on what’s been going on.  Before I get into too much detail, could you do me a favor?  I’m trying to get to at least 250 followers on Spotify and I’m hoping you can help me! Once I get to 250 followers, Spotify will “verify” my account, which opens up some cool possibilities for my music, and I’ll also be able to keep you updated whenever I release new songs or playlists there, so if you have a second, please click on this link, and choose “Follow” to follow me on Spotify!

Ok, so with that out of the way… It’s the new year and when I reflect back on what I did during 2016, it’s actually quite impressive music wise.

2016 saw no less than 5 album releases from me.  Here’s a breakdown of what I did as far as releases go in 2016

So as you can see, some of the material was re-releases, but they were more than just a repackaging of the same material.  Be sure to see the details on their respective pages.

I also changed jobs during 2016, and returned to Microsoft after being away for nearly 10 years. With the holidays and re-acclimating myself back into an Escalation Engineer position, I can’t say that I was able to do too much on the music side of the house, but I did start preparations of new material.  You can check these out on bandcamp here:

The above are works in progress, and of course subject to change before mass distribution, but decided to give you a test of what is to come in 2017.

What’s Next

Here’s a list of things I’m working on next and what’s in store for the future!


I have a ton of material that I really need to focus on promoting.  As you can see from above, quite a bit of new material came in 2016, so it’s time to really get the word out about these releases.

Of course, I’ll continue to work on new material and give you a shout out when I think things are ready for listening. And with that, don’t forget about following me on Spotify! That would really help right now!

History of Musical Influences

I want to continue in reviving my History of Musical Influences posts, so I’m going to dedicate some time throughout the year to move forward with that.

One World Music Radio Presenter

I’ve decided to try my hand at putting together a monthly broadcast/podcast hosted by the good folks at One World Music Radio.  I’m calling the show “The Sands of Time” in which I’ll be presenting select songs from those musical influences I mention above.  Of course, I’ll include a few select tracks from my albums during each show. Stay tuned to hear about the first episode which will be airing soon!


And lastly, as I’ve made mention of before, I’ve started a collaboration project with my fellow SharePointer and Musician friend Geoff Varaosky which we call VR.  Be sure to read more about that by clicking here!

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter, and if so please leave me your comments!

If you have received this newsletter from a friend, or read it on my blog be sure to sign up for the email based newsletter by visiting my official music site at and click the “Stay Informed” link!

I’m just Keeping the Dream Alive!

– Keith Richie


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