Under your bed and hiding in your closet

What scares you?

Is it the fact that a door was left open to a room or closet that is dark and foreboding?  Is it the noise you just heard from down the hall, when no one else is in the house? Is it that feeling that someone is behind you, stalking you and waiting for that moment for you to turn around to look?

For me, it’s all the above 🙂 But I love it!  But what I love more, is the vast collection of eerie and creepy soundtrack music that is produced around the Horror / Thriller genre of motion pictures.

That’s why I created this playlist on Spotify.  To help collect some of the music found in horror / thriller movies that inspire me, and I find creepy.  It also contains a lot of material that I found inspiring when I created March of the Inanimate: Repossessed and Mister Stichs.

I plan to update the following playlist often, so head on over to Spotify and check it out!

Sleep tight!

– Keith

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