For The Willow Wept… (Sunrise Edition) Review

For the Willow Wept (Extended) Cover

Candice Michelle of JourneyScapes Radio recently wrote a review of my album For The Willow Wept… (Sunrise Edition).

Here are a couple of things she had to say:

“…the music is deeply emotive and often permeated by a haunting melancholy throughout, with shimmers of sunlight and glimmers of hope sprinkled along its course. Incorporating both vintage and modern synthesizer sounds, Richie even brings in subtle acoustic elements, which lend an organic warmth to these melodic electronic soundscapes


“Having developed a signature style that has become increasingly recognizable, Richie is one of the most notable artists to recently emerge in the electronic music scene, with this latest album proving itself as another masterwork not to be missed! ~Candice Michelle

Of course, I would encourage you to read the entire review.

You can read the entire review right here!

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