2049 – An Anthology of 49 songs over 20 years

Released: 04/13/2020


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Stories. Some are inspiring, uplifting, or enlightening. Others are frightening, sad or melancholy. In days long past they served as the primary means of conveying current news, past history or foundational myths. Whatever the purpose, however interpreted by the listener, everyone loves a good story skillfully told. It’s a core part of what makes us human and bonds us together across time and space.

Most stories are told with words and brought to life with pictures. But some, the truly special stories, the ones with the deepest meaning and sincerest emotion, are told with music, inviting the listener on a journey that captivates the imagination and expands the mind beyond the present and the personal into a lush landscape of collective consciousness.

What you now possess is a collection of just such stories, a musical tapestry of rich interwoven fibers that, if you listen closely, will draw you deep into worlds of unending discovery. From the cold expanse of space to an eerie cottage in the middle of the woods, down the banks of a swirling stream to the inner darkness of an alien mind, along the shore on a summer’s drive with ocean breeze in your face then suddenly into a strange and broken world not much different than our own, up through the hills of an ancient city and down the streets of a modern metropolis, the journey you are about to embark upon is full of many wonders.

This has been my musical life through the good times and bad times. This is my inner soul, and I’d like to share it with you.

Note, for the Bandcamp Exclusive, this is a FREE release. Nothing to pay here. Just enter zero when clicking buy.

If you would like to listen on other digital streaming services, be sure to look at the Availability section above. Note however, the playlists on the other services differ SLIGHTLY from the bandcamp exclusive as the exclusive contains unreleased material.

This anthology also contains a digital booklet that gives you some insight behind the music. A sort of musical autobiography. You can download that separately by clicking here.

This booklet contains information on the songs included on the playlists that differ from the Bandcamp exclusive.




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