Chariots Of Pumpkins

Chariots Of Pumpkins

Released: 10/06/2018


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It was the summer of 1982 (or 1983… I honestly can’t remember).
I was already a huge fan of John Carpenter and the Halloween soundtrack, however I had not seen Halloween III yet. I knew it didn’t follow the story of Michael Meyers, but I didn’t care. Quite honestly I always loved Carpenters original idea that each movie would be a standalone story within an anthology of movies during Halloween.

We were visiting my grandparents and lucky for me, they had cable and Halloween III was showing that evening. As a 13-14 year old boy who was already obsessed over Carpenter… my anticipation for finally watching Halloween III had skyrocketed.

I remember my grandmother made me pop-corn, and told me not to stay up too late, and that I better not have nightmares.

The movie started, and the opening music had me mesmerized.

No… this wasn’t the Halloween theme… this was something WAY more awesome in my opinion. I was hooked.

I don’t know if it was that evening after the credits, or a few days later when I had my parents take me to the record store so I could buy the soundtrack, but I discovered the name of that opening piece was Chariots of Pumpkins.

After I put the needle on the album the first time, I probably listened to that song 100 times before I actually let it play all the way through on the first side.

Chariots of Pumpkins has always been one of my favorite Carpenter/Howarth themes. And the entire Halloween III score is one of my favorites as well.

The arpeggio was pretty simple to figure out, and one that I would play and harass people with for many years to go.

I think it being a personal favorite is also why it took me so long to finalize an official cover for it as well, because I didn’t want to exactly mimic it, but everything I tried just didn’t sound like it and didn’t feel right to do it justice.

And finally, after opening it every year at this time for the last 6 years… some things finally clicked and I got the sound I was looking for.

So here it is! My cover of the song Chariots of Pumpkins from the Halloween III: Season of the Witch soundtrack!



Coming Soon.

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